ClipFM's Mission:

Help creators get the most out of their content.

ClipFM is a next-generation AI tool that streamlines your clip making process, turning hours of video into engaging clips within minutes. ClipFM sets out to simplify the tedious and expensive process of video editing.

Founded in November 2022 by Cole and Cam, ClipFM has quickly become an indispensable tool for podcasters, video editors, podcast studios, agencies, and marketers alike.

After its inception, ClipFM immediately hit the ground running. Without a formal user interface, Cole & Cam began selling the service manually in December 2022 and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This outpouring of support solidified our belief that our AI tool could revolutionize the industry.

Spurred on by this response, we embarked on a mission to develop an intuitive, user-friendly interface at the beginning of 2023. Our close-knit relationship with our initial customers helped guide us in the design process as we incorporated valuable feedback from hundreds of podcasters and editors to shape our product. In March 2023, ClipFM was unveiled at the Podcast Movement Evolutions event in Las Vegas. The intrigue and excitement it generated further validated our vision.

Our product is now launched and live to the public, giving more creators the freedom to put their creative energy where it matters most: producing exceptional content.

We are thrilled and humbled by the positive response from our community members, and promise to continue innovating.

Join the ClipFM community and experience how we're making clip making easier, one clip at a time.