Core Team · November 5th, 2022

What is the easiest way to clip videos?

Your three best options when it comes to making clips.

Short-form videos are ruling the internet and the major platforms have already caught on. YouTube has shorts, Instagram has reels, Facebook has reels, Snapchat has stories, Twitter has suggested videos, and of course there’s TikTok which needs no introduction.

Creators who don't post short-form videos may be missing a big opportunity to grow and engage with a broader audience.

There are three options creators have for creating clips:

  • 1) Editing your own videos
  • 2) Hiring an editor
  • 3) Using an AI clip generator (like

Below we outline the pros and cons of each:

Option 1: Editing your own videos

For newer creators with a tight budget, this may your best option. For little to no cost, you can start making clips immediately. The biggest downside of editing your own clips is the amount time it takes. Some creators spend up to six hours of editing per one hour of content.

As you start to grow and generate more content, you may find it difficult to manage both creating and editing on your own.


  • • No (or minimal) cost
  • • Full control over content


  • • Time-consuming
  • • Editing tools can be hard to learn

Option 2: Hiring an editor

For creators who can afford to hire and train an editor, this may be your best option. This will certainly save you a ton of time and allow you to focus on your content, but a typical video editor will charge between $75 and $150 per hour so this may be too expensive for many up-and-coming creators.


  • • Saves you time
  • • You can focus on creating content


  • • Expensive
  • • Hard to find good editors
  • • Less control over content

Option 3: Using an AI clip generator

For creators who don't have the time to edit their own videos and don't want to pay for human editor, this may be your best option. Whereas a human editor might cost you $600 to make clips for a single video, an AI clip generator might only cost you $100 to $200 a month for unlimited videos.

AI clip generators are tools that create ready-to-post clips from your videos in seconds. It's similar to hiring an editor, but an AI does the work instead of a human so it's much cheaper and faster (disclosure: this is what we are building at


  • • Extremely fast
  • • Much cheaper than hiring an editor


  • • Less customizable (for now)


There are several ways to turn your videos into clips. Every creator is in a different position and has different needs, so choose the option that best fits your circumstance.

If you are interested in using an AI to generate your clips, checkout or our YouTube channel where we post demo clips that we generated using our own AI.