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We use AI to automatically find the best moments of your podcast and give you ready-to-post clips within minutes.

More time to create

Spend more time creating new content and less time making clips from past videos.

More time

Reach new listeners

Clips are the best way to get discovered by new audiences.

Grow your audience

Cut production costs

Pay less than 10x the price of what it costs to hire an editor.

Cut production costs

Revive old episodes

Transform your past podcasts into engaging short videos and reach a broader audience.

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Sydney Campos
Sydney Campos
Visionary Souls Podcast

“What an AWESOME TOOL! I hired a team to do this for me for $500 and they made the WORST videos... I just made 9 clips that are way more effective and clean in 20 mins. So grateful this came into my awareness.”


+What's ClipFM?
+How does the AI find clips?
+What if I don't like the clips?
+How many clips will I get?
+Will Clip work for my content?
+Does it work with audio-only podcasts?
+What languages does it support?
+Will my clips go viral?
+Can I make my own clips?
+Do you have an affiliate program?
+How do I try it out?

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